Basement Floor Epoxy Installation

Enhancing Durability and Style: Basement Floor Epoxy Systems

A Basement floor epoxy installation begins with preparation using diamond grinders and sometimes shot blasters. We use Industrial grade coating systems for all our basement floor applications. You can feel confident that your new floor will last a very long time! The basement floor systems are easy to clean and maintain.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy can really make a unique looking floor. The way the metallic pigments flow through the epoxy creates a marble like looking effect that will amaze your guests. With the right lighting the floor will shimmer like the facets of a diamond.

Basement Floor Epoxy With Color Flakes

Polyurea base coats and moisture vapor barrier base coats are used depending on the slab moisture content. The use of polyurea allows us to install a system in just one day! A polyaspartic clear top coat makes for an amazingly bright and easy to clean finish every time. There are a dozen color flake system blends that will go with any decor you have.

Basement Floor Grind And Clear

A Grind and Clear floor creates a unique rustic looking basement floor. The grind and clear look is somewhat like the look of polished concrete. The main difference between polished concrete and grind and clear is that grind and clear is a wet look so the color will be darker. Dye can be added to change the color of the concrete for an even more unique look. Ameripolish dyes to change the color of the floor

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