Garage Floor Coating Services


Garage Floor Coating Services

Our professional team specializes in the application of high-quality garage floor epoxy, polyurea and polyaspartic coatings. This durable and long-lasting solution enhances the appearance of your garage while providing added protection against stains, spills, and heavy foot traffic.

Decorative Chip System
Polyurea Base
Polyaspartic Top Coat
UV Stable


Polyaspartic Coatings

We offer fast-curing and highly durable polyaspartic coatings for a wide range of surfaces. These coatings are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, providing excellent resistance to chemicals, UV rays, abrasions, and impact.

Textured Surface Coatings
High-Gloss Finish
Custom Color Blending
UV Stable


Concrete Polishing

Ride on concrete polishing trowel

Get polished concrete floors that not only look stunning but are also incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Our concrete polishing technique enhances the natural beauty of the concrete while making it resistant to stains, moisture, and wear.

Grind and Seal
Stained Concrete
Aggregate Exposure
Polyurea Grout and Spall Filling
Garage Floor polished concrete with grasso services truck in background


Additional Services

In addition to our concrete coating and polishing services, we also offer a range of additional services to meet your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Concrete Repair
Surface Preparation
Concrete Resurfacing
Metallic Epoxy
Formed Cove Base

Have Your Concrete Floors Coated With Grasso Services!

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