Garage Flooring Fails and Fixes

Do it yourself garage floor installers and even some contractors may not be aware of an important part of a garage floor coating application. Below you will learn more about garage flooring fails and fixes

Garage Floor Preparation

A garage floor painted grey with peeling paint from hot tire pickup
Peeling Garage Floor Paint

The photo above is a garage floor that a painter applied a concrete paint to. The preparation consisted of a good cleaning of the floor. As you can see, the area where the tires from vehicles came in contact with the floor, the paint peeled right up immediately.

A garage floor with a polyurea color flake system installed
Garage Floor Polyurea

In this photo we have a properly prepared and applied polyurea garage floor system. It’s complete with a full broadcast of color flakes and a polyaspartic top coat installed. The floor was prepared with a diamond grinder which left a rough surface profile that provided an anchor for the polyurea to bond to.

There are plenty more examples of garage flooring fails and fixes. This is one of the most common types of fails. The polyurea and polyaspartic color flake system is a versatile and convenient system that can be completed in just one day! Customers love the convenience of being able to put items back on the floor in just 24 hours.

Diamond Grinding Preparation of a Garage Floor

On Mike’s Youtube channel you will find some more videos with other parts of concrete coating applications.

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